Lolitas - New York-Memphis

A compilation of some of the songs Lolitas recorded with Chris Spedding and Alex Chilton... Enjoy!

Lolitas - My English Sucks

Lolitas' last album offers mostly English versions of songs released on their previous LPs... Enjoy!

Lolitas - La fiancée du pirate

Lolitas' live album recorded during their Fall 1990 Europe Tour directly to D.A.T.... Enjoy!


Lolitas - Bouche-Baiser

Here's Lolitas fourth album, it was released in 1990... Enjoy!

Lolitas - Hara Kiri / Fusée d'amour

Originally released in 1989, the "Hara Kiri" EP comes with the entire "Fusée d'amour" album as a bonus... Enjoy!


Lolitas - Fusée d'amour

Lolitas' third album released in 1989, also contains one bonus track... Enjoy!